Some people say that the sound of the sea in the seashell is nothing but an auditory illusion. They say that it is the sound of the playful wind plays when it enters the empty spiral labyrinth.

For the people working at PANDORA though, these sounds are more than real: they are a symbol. For, like every seashell that has the sounds of the sea hidden inside it, every work of Pandora has the tradition and the soul of our people hidden inside it! At Coral Bay we have a vision of our new projects. While we listed to the seashell. The Coral Bay beach is known to everybody. It is the most beautiful beach in Paphos – some go as far as to say that it is the most beautiful beach in Cyprus – which for many years

attracts a lot of tourism. Recently PANDORA added its new lot of land to the four already existing pieces of land that the LEPTOS GROUP had developed. All of the above mentioned land is found at extremely preferential locations, since it is around the sandy beach. The programmed development projects in the area are expected to be among the most impressive ever done in Paphos. The profitability of these various projects is once again certain. Coral Bay is unique and invaluable. So are the PANDORA projects!


When you follow your vision and you create it with of the rocks and the land, the last thing you expect is being awarded a prize. Once upon a time among the bushes and the grass, in this area you see on the left, there was a rock with a human face.

Now, in the same area, there is an international community full of life. A whole village with 500 luxurious villas came out of the rocks. Some experts say that it is one of the 5 most beautiful in the world. Kamares Village (FIABCI World Prize) makes Cyprus and all of us here in the Pandora Development Group very proud. We finally gave life to the rock with the human face! Because we followed our vision with consistency. PANDORA has undertaken the continuation of the Development Project of the well-known KAMARES VILLAGE.

This village, which is the pride of the LEPTOS GROUP, has been awarded a prize by the most important word organization in the field of Development, the International Real Estate Federation. We an safely say that it is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. It has a very strong Cyprus character which is very well harmonized with contemporary luxury of the great villas. KAMARES VILLAGE already consists of 500 luxurious villas, while PANDORA has undertaken the continuation of the projects, which, upon completion, will number more than 800 villas. KAMARES VILLAGE offers PANDORA a guarantee for profitability, since it already has a long profitable history of more than 20 years.


Think of the simplest things of everyday life, like for instance the posts that support the electric cables bringing electricity in your house. We all thing of them as something unavoidable… Except those of us working at the Pandora Development Group. We believe that cables should be invisible. Not for any other reason but to avoid ruining the view of the sea! And the photographs of the sunset!

In the current project of the Pandora Development Group, Olympus Village, the electric cables have been dragged underground, while the planting of trees started even before the roads were constructed. Because Pandora believes that environmental consciousness is not something vague. It’s part of everyday life. PANDORA is about to complete the first phase of the Olympus Village which is located on a mountaintop near Tsada, 10 minutes’ drive from Paphos downtown. The village numbers about 250 luxury villas, which

all have a panoramic view of the sea. What makes this project special is its innovative environmental approach. Great emphasis is being given to the absolute harmony of the buildings with the surrounding environment, while innovative and constant efforts are made to secure the character of the area. For instance there will be no visible cables anywhere (all the cables are installed underground), while the planting of trees has started even before the building of the villas started! The work for building the first luxurious villas has already started. This project is the continuation of the successful Kamares Village and it is expected to become a paradigm for all the future development projects of PANDORA and of the LEPTOS GROUP.


The only reason city urban designers did not located houses in the shopping malls was there limited imagination! Or vice versa! There are some people though who through their vision transformed the unusual to a reality.

The tourist, housing and commercial center Limnaria is a complete miniature of a big city. Those living in it have in their yard… a whole city! Limnaria is now in the safe hands of the Pandora Development Group. And it is based on firm and solid foundations. LIMNARIA is the largest Commercial and Tourist Group in Cyprus. It is located along the Paphos sea-shore road and when it is

completed it will include 420 units with apartments, houses and one Commercial Center of 108 shops. PANDORA has undertaken the continuation and completion of this innovative and unique project, which has joined in one two projects that everybody until now thought that they should be separate: houses and shops! Due to its preferential location and its successful history up to now, LIMNARIA is one of the most successful projects PANDORA has undertaken.


The “Neapolis” project offers a unique opportunity for the creation of a new multiphase master planned community in Cyprus, combining education, well-being, culture, office, retail, leisure and lifestyle. The Leptos Group is thus creating a “New Town” between Paphos and Geroskipou taking up an area of 111 hectares.

Being the very first project of it’s kind in Cyprus and one of the largest in the world, the Leptos Group believe that the Neapolis development will enhance the quality of life in the Paphos region.

It is also important to highlight that in excess of 70 % of the project’s land surface will be devoted to open spaces, greens and parks.

Features of Neapolis will include:

  • An International University in Cyprus for 3000 students.
  • A modern hi-tech Library open to the public.
  • A Total Care Hospital of international specifications and standards.
  • An Innovation, Research and Development Center.
  • A diverse mix of cultural and recreational amenities, including museums,
  • a theatre, exhibition and conference centres.
  • Pedestrian walkways and Cycle paths.
  • The largest public park in Cyprus.
  • A unique themed lifestyle residential development which abides by the
  • latest standards of modern bioclimatic technology.
  • Sports facilities and a spa.
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Modern Business Park.


Inside the seed there is a hidden whole plant. Complete: with leaves, flowers, fruit… Give it some soil so that it can merely spread its roots.
This is how we envisioned our projects: complete! The moment that the Pandora Development Group places the first foundation rock, the village is already a reality. Because it was completely designed by a contemporary artist-creator.

The VIKLA VILLAGE in Tsada is a complete housing project. It has already started to emerge out of the earth, our foundations.

VIKLA VILLAGE, whose creation was undertaken by PANDORA,

is the continuation of the successful Leptos Karmi Village.

The village is located near the Tsada Golf, on the highest mountaintop of the area. It has a panoramic view of the sea, exceptional climate and it is found only minutes away of Paphos downtown. With its completion VIKLA will include holiday houses of all sizes, a club, a swimming pool and common facilities.